And the Quest continues…

A big part of writing a series is figuring out how to get the characters from point A to point B, while also keeping in mind where the characters need to be two books from now, and everything they need to do before they get there. It can be a tricky juggling act, at times, because the muse wants to play with ALL the toys, not just the ones that apply to the current episode.

Today, as I sat staring at this two inch thick pile of index cards that summarize scenes for the next three books, I encountered something I think every writer must wrestle with at times: Where the heck do I start?

“Well, duh,” snorted my muse. “You know where everyone was at the end of Dust of Earth. Where do you want to go now?”

Two hours later I have a nice tidy two page outline. And so, the adventure continues…


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