Episode 1 – Dust of Earth


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When magic explodes, anything can happen.

In the blink of an eye, good King Jakin lost his wife, his daughter, and his kingdom. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, he was stepped on by a peasant and his obese donkey.

Flung forward in time, but bound by the blood oath of an ancient ancestor, the power struggle continues in a world divided by magic run amok. A world where his own people believe he was a coward who abandoned them to chaos…and his enemy was their savior.

Now, Jakin must rely on the aid of an illiterate peasant boy and a band of rebellious gypsies as he embarks on an epic quest to restore the balance of power, reclaim his kingdom, and save his people. But success could mean the destruction of the same people he’s trying to save.

Either way, the stakes are even higher than he has yet to realize…

Start the Quest with Dust of Earth, Episode One. A realm of hidden cities, poison forests, and terrifying creatures.

To purchase a paperback copy, please click here.

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