Summer Doldrums…

With only a couple weeks left of my summer break (aka: writing time) I’m working furiously to finish the first draft of Drop of Water on time. Our heroes have left Arh’et and are well on their way to Peli Haven where culture shock will challenge even the most open-minded among them.

Along the way, Malakai has had his first ride on a Ba’at and Luka continues to be impulsive. The peasants have had a rude awakening, and Faeran still revels in the misfortune of others. Jakin continues to search for answers and the Maaoteo are learning they are not sailors.

As for me, I’ve been researching the oceans and the bizarre creatures hidden beneath their depths. I’ve learned about Mantis Shrimp and Tardigrades, algae plumes and deep sea vents, tidal bulges, and sand crabs. Many a long night has been spent watching documentaries and YouTube videos looking for the most interesting and unique tidbits to assimilate into the story. Poor me. I have to watch hours and hours of totally awesome deep sea videos. Be jealous.

With a little over two weeks left to write the final 40,000 words, I’m feeling the crunch. But I’m also excited because I just have so many cool things to share with fans of the Quest and I do post some of them on the Quest of the Guardians Facebook page. If you haven’t already liked our page on Facebook, click HERE to follow along and see some of the images and videos that excite my muse.

And don’t forget to check out the Quest of the Guardians Trading Post for cool gift ideas! After all, Christmas isn’t THAT far away!

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