The best laid plans of writers and muses…

Did I say two weeks to finish? What WAS I thinking? I DID achieve that 40,000 word goal…only to realize it brought me just past the halfway point of the story. There’s just too many fun things to do in Tav’res!

So, I’m back to work at one of my two seasonal jobs: driving a potato truck. I find myself sitting in the truck waiting my turn to unload and daydreaming about what comes next.

Just before returning to work our heroes were about to encounter the one person they didn’t want to run into in Tav’res: the High Priest Lord Saba. Lord Saba has been expecting them and has a few surprises up his sleeve and I just can’t wait to write it all down! So…I’ve packed my notebook in my lunchbox and the next time I find myself waiting in line…

Yeah. I can’t wait. 🙂

P.S. Spoiler Alert: The mystery of what happened to Faeran’s mother has been solved!



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