Join The Quest!

In a world divided against itself by magic run amok, an ancient power struggle plays out across cultural boundaries.

Join a lost King bound by an ancient blood oath, and his unwitting heir, on their epic quest to restore an artifact of immense power in their efforts to defeat an evil usurper and save their world from certain doom.

Divided into four elemental realms, each episode of the series follows their journey into unfamiliar territory where they search for the hidden fortress that holds a missing piece of the Te’eta. Along the way they make new friends, encounter terrifying creatures, combat evil, and suffer great losses.

And, just when they are certain of success, they learn of an even greater danger that threatens all that they hold dear.

A danger that only the true Guardian can alter.

In a world where fear makes the enemy stronger, will their commitment to the quest, and each other, be enough?

Episode One: Dust of Earth

Episode Two: Drop of Water

Episode Three: Gust of Wind

Episode Four: Spark of Fire